BIG 100 101: Everything You Need to Know about the Meal Replacement Bars

Every day seems like another app or other technology is released that promises to make our lives easier and more efficient, yet we still have less and less free time.  And less free time means we need quick, convenient solutions when we can’t spend an hour in the kitchen cooking a three-course meal.  This is where MET-Rx Big 100 bars come in. These are not your run-of-the-mill protein bars that seem to clutter store shelves across America. Each bar is packed with a powerful dose of protein and other important nutrients that helps satisfy your appetite any time of the day. 

What Makes The Big 100 Different

Many popular protein bars on the market provide between 100 to 200 calories. While this may temporarily satisfy you, more often than not you’ll probably be tempted to raid your fridge and grab the first thing you see shortly after. Big 100 bars come in several mouth-watering flavors (including new Jelly Donut Crunch and Vanilla Caramel Churro!) that provide around 400 calories each, perfect for a grab and go breakfast or in place of a quick lunch. And if you won’t be able to grab your next meal for several hours, Big 100 bars make the perfect snack to keep you energized in between. Need something lighter to snack on – just eat half the bar and save the rest for later.

What’s in the Big 100

It all starts with the protein: Big 100 bars provide between 30-32 grams protein, depending on flavor. No matter whether you’re lifting weights to get bigger or training for your next road race, you need protein to help your muscles recover and get stronger. And even if your main goal is just to stay energized at work with a convenient meal replacement, quality protein is always a good choice. Big 100 bars provide a combination of protein sources including high-quality whey and milk proteins. These proteins digest at different rates, with whey being a fast digesting protein and milk being a slower digester protein. This gives your body a steady supply of amino acids from protein to keep you fueled at work or at the gym– a concept that MET-Rx originally revolutionized.

We also include carbohydrates and fats to round out these formulas and give you enough energy to sustain your active lifestyle. Carbs, fats and proteins can all be used by the body to produce energy and you need each one if you hit the gym hard on a regular basis. 

Vitamins and Minerals: In order to get the most out of protein and carbs, your body needs vitamins and minerals to help process these energy sources.  Vitamins and minerals keep your energy metabolism running full speed ahead so you can stay sharp at work or at play, but unfortunately many of us don’t get the required amounts on a daily basis. Big 100 bars provide an excellent source of a variety of essential vitamins and minerals:  some additional critical factors for getting and staying in top shape. 

Don’t make the mistake of grabbing an inferior protein bar. Rely on MET-Rx to give you the quality protein and more that you need to keep pushing your limits in and out of the gym. 

Try the new and improved BIG 100 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, now with 30g of protein and 25% less sugar compared to our previous formula